He was just a human.

  I see a man cry, Die from inside, And smile. A man to sit on his knees On a dark stormy night, Pray, And asking for the sun to rise. As he asks for someone, While he was broken. He was strong enough to break, Weak enough to be broken. He was just a … Continue reading He was just a human.

Call me by my name.

      Call me, When you lost the melody. (In your life)   Call me, When you feel- Pain, lost, empty.   When the world becomes harsh Treat you like a trash, Call me.   Call me by my name, I am you- (The you) you dreamed about, I am you- (The you) you … Continue reading Call me by my name.

Living Past

Lie we live  Every moment, of now  Made from dust  Dust that came from the past,  Though, we deny  We live in a lie. Every second goes  Goes to the past,  Every second of future  Is made from the same past.  The world is a living past  The world is a living lie,

City Never Sleeps

The city never sleeps. At night it just turns into something else. But city never sleeps, The fake smiles turn into tear; The mask just fall down, The people you know become unknown. The city never sleeps. If you think they, Maybe you never walkAt midnight on a road alone. I do, and I know. The city never sleeps. The city never sleeps. At night pain rise. Once … Continue reading City Never Sleeps