Someone up above our head thinking That how foolish we are, In search of peace We fight the war. We are human, Are we the best or the beast Or are we a demon? Someone up above our head thinking Why we are quarreling For peace, while peace comes When we live together Forgetting the … Continue reading Fools


The closer you look The less you can see  The far you will go  The less you know, About me.  So come that close  from where you can know me  you can see me your eye won't be blurry.


Enjoy the sunshine, Enjoy the moment Between you and mine, Why wasting your time Thinking the past Let the past fly with dust. Enjoy the present, Pardon me Forgetting the mistake, The mistake of past. Let's live now, Let's enjoy the moonlight Enjoy the silence Enjoy the life Let's smile. Let's forgive each other, Let's … Continue reading We