Kick Start

A new year is starting Oh! dear Forget the fear Let's start from the beginning. The Past is past Why cry on that, Future is unseen Live the moment Because it is the key to happiness Admit that fact. Oh! dear, a new year Let's go out and cheer With the crowd. Let the wind … Continue reading Kick Start

Living Past

Lie we live  Every moment, of now  Made from dust  Dust that came from the past,  Though, we deny  We live in a lie. Every second goes  Goes to the past,  Every second of future  Is made from the same past.  The world is a living past  The world is a living lie,


Sorry, I know, what I do is wrong Please, forgive me, I know you can Because I am your friend, If not Give me other punishment, But not ignorance Because it hurts Like I am losing my pulse. Sorry, Once again Forgive me, if you can Or, give me punishment I am ready, my friend.