Someone up above our head thinking That how foolish we are, In search of peace We fight the war. We are human, Are we the best or the beast Or are we a demon? Someone up above our head thinking Why we are quarreling For peace, while peace comes When we live together Forgetting the … Continue reading Fools


  You think there is someone, Someone, to pick you up; Someone, to love. It seems like true, But it's false. There was none; It's just a paradox. No one is to blame, No one is to call When you fall. It's just a paradox And a lie, We just live like its true.

Living Past

Lie we live  Every moment, of now  Made from dust  Dust that came from the past,  Though, we deny  We live in a lie. Every second goes  Goes to the past,  Every second of future  Is made from the same past.  The world is a living past  The world is a living lie,