Wish you all a very happy friendship day. Crossing thousand mile And an ocean, a road full of vile, I came here with love for you, And a wish that you live long So that I get your friendship Through my whole life and beyond. Oh my friend, I came here so that we can … Continue reading Friendship

Life of an introvert #1

. Introvert: Today I will socialize with him. . Few minute latter . Other person: Hi Introvert: (No replay) Other person: Do you finish your homework. Introvert: Yes Other person: Can you give it to me so that I can do it. Introvert: Okay Other person: Thanks Introvert: (No replay) Other person: Good Night Introvert: … Continue reading Life of an introvert #1


Sorry, I know, what I do is wrong Please, forgive me, I know you can Because I am your friend, If not Give me other punishment, But not ignorance Because it hurts Like I am losing my pulse. Sorry, Once again Forgive me, if you can Or, give me punishment I am ready, my friend.