What is this site about?

Well, it is a white page where I write down my thoughts, what I see and what my mind say about it. Often a short story, often a poem or a line what people called Quote. Often I share what I see directly, I mean photos. Hope you will like this.

Who am I?

Love to share experience and get doing some experiment. A 12th-grade student from BANGLADESH, a South Asian country. A designer, learning to program from my passion, I often write for my heart. Testing new things is my hobby, no matter it is a food or a software. Interested in many things from a match box to rocket science. Love to have arguments because it is the best way to learn new things. Straight to the point, hate any unnecessary talk. Oh! I am an Ambivert (Little bit Introvert) also. And according to 16 personalities  I am a Logician(INTP). Born at the end of 20th century.


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