Amazon Mythology

Democracy, people, abstract,
Democracy and The people. Medium: Pencil Color and Pen.

In the heart of Amazon, there is a place called Bahamia also known as the land of chaos. The main population of this land is honey bees. Their life is so simple, at least it seems to be. But if you can dive in too deep you will see their life is not organized. And their society is full of corruption and law that made for good of a few people.

The queen, controller of the land made many rules on fever of the queens family and her fellows. But most of the population remain unaware of it. Various developmental work was done by the queen and it helps the queen hide her dark side.

And the main problem of that land is the population forget thing easily. A group killed a bee who speaks loudly against corruption, the media started covering up, the queen promised justice. Few days letter media stop covering, the bees forget that there was a bee who speak for justice. The bees don’t even care if any of them killed by the law ingot meant saying the bee was guilty but actually he is not. Bees of Bahamia almost forget their right. They forget the what is a democracy. Democracy is now a word of the dictionary at Bahamia. It doesn’t serve its purpose. In Bahamia, the definition of democracy is like, “Four wolf voting for eating a lamb.”

That’s how the life was going on. Literally, no change after they get their freedom. Queens after queens comes but nothing change. And now they almost lose their freedom of speech. But the masses have no problem with this. They talk often but no one is ready to raise their voice against this.

Until one day few bees found there is something wrong with their job distribution. Who gonna work for the royal family, who gonna be solder and who gonna be bring honey, is not decided by their ability rather most of the time it is decided by a system. The system was made to bring the population to envolve at economy who are lagging behind. But the system doesn’t serve its purpose, rather then it makes the job distribution corrupted. The system should be reformed.

The group of the bee organized a protest against it, and every bee of Bahamia supported them. Few days latter queen promised to that she will reform the system.

Days after day, weeks after weeks even a month past. Queen shows no sign of changing the rule.

The annual sports day of Amazon comes. Bees of Bahamia forget about the protest except only a few. And the media started to coverage about the sports. Queen got what she wanted. The burned the hive of those bees and make a statement saying, “Human comes and burned that down for honey.” you know it’s middle of the Amazon and those aren’t honey bees. And you also know human. Media continue to cover up the sports.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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