It’s a war
No, not like the others
There is no fighter,
I am the king
I am the soldier.

It’s a war
I have to win,
I have to fly
Though I have no wings
I am the king.

I have to fight
All the day
I have to prepare
All the night.

Day go night come
Night go then the day
I have to fight
No, no I can’t lay
For a moment.

The day comes
The day of the end.
Oh, I win!
Not really
I realize I lose
People called me winner
I know I am the loser.

For winning a war
I go so far
As far
Where is no one to cheer?
I lost
No, not the war
I lost the dear
I lost who care.

I killed many
No, all of them wasn’t my enemy
There are many people who care me.

I win the war
But lost the dear.

We all win
We all fight
But we lost the dear.

We are not the winner
We are the loser
For a war
We kill people who care
We lose the dear.

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