‘Bullfight’ one of the widely popular games of the east is broadcasted on tv. Mr. Amzad along with his seven years old boy enjoying it on TV. And Amzad’s wife Rahima, making snakes for them.

What a fight! None is ready to lose. A man waving a red flag in front of the bull, and it makes the bull angry. The bull trying to hit the man, but every time it fails to hit. The moment the bull gone hit the man, the man makes a swift turn and the bull fails. It making the bull angrier and it started to try even harder. Inches, the bull misses again and the crowd started to shout loudly with joy.

The man again started to wave the red flag again, the bull coming toward the man with a great speed. This time a mistake of the man give the bull a chance to hit the man. And make no more mistake the bull successfully hit the man. The crowd started to scream. The man shouting for help. Two other men with sword enter in the ground. The bull continued hitting the man. A man from behind puss the sword into bull’s hade, another man from the other side do so. Losing much blood the bull fall to the ground. The crowd started to shout with joy.  No one has any sorry to say. The man stands again on his foot. The man is totally uninjured.

In front of the TV, Mr. Amzad also started to shout though the boy is not so happy. Maybe the boy doesn’t know the only man has to win at any cost, not the bull nor those men whose situation is like the bull.

Ajan was said, it is time for evening prayer. While Mr. Amzad getting down for doing prayer, he meets Mr. Komol who is also getting down to buying a candle for eve praying.

In this short period, they talk about almost every subject one can form how to minimize poverty to who should elect as the next prime mister. At last, they talked about the street bagger who is sitting in front of their building. They amazed by the fact how can a beggar enter in a beggar-free area.  




Returning from the shop, Mr. komol washes his face, do the eve prayer with his family. Later he with her nine years old girl started to enjoy TV. They are watching animal planet. A lion is trying to catch a dear. Both are running for their life, so it’s really hard to decide who gone win before the fights end.

The lion was running and so the dear. No one wants to lose, losing can cost the life. But at least the dear wins. The little girl shout with joy and Mr. komol joined her soon after.

Changing the channel, Mr.Komol started to watch the news. How much robbery happened, how many girls were rapped, where the country is going etc. And enjoying meat with bread as snacks.

The beggar in front of the building loudly.  Everyone lived there fell irritated except the boy of Mr. Amzad and the daughter of Mr. Komol. They felt sorry.  But the good news was that this was the last sound made by the bagger. 



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