City Never Sleeps

The city never sleeps. 
At night it just turns into something else. 
But city never sleeps, 
The fake smiles turn into tear; 
The mask just fall down, 
The people you know become unknown. 

The city never sleeps. 
If you think they, 
Maybe you never walk
At midnight on a road alone. 
I do, and I know. 
The city never sleeps. 

The city never sleeps. 
At night pain rise. 
Once in a road lamp 
I see a child, 
Searching for mother;
Searching for food. 
I see a group of them 
Taking drugs, 
For forgetting they are hungry. 
I see a mother crying 
For her baby. 
I hear quarreling of a couple 
Who tend to be happy. 

At night the show is off, 
Every actor returned to their real life 
And do what really they are
Pain comes out. 

Bed sheet get wet, 
In morning it dries again. 
They forget that the night is sleepless,
They wear the mask, 
Became an actor, again. 

Believe me, the city never sleeps. 
Believe me, the earth never sleeps.


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