Grave of the Fireflies


In grave thousand of fireflies,

Fly, with the soul,

You think die, before.


They come out,

Say loud,

They want peace,, not war

But you can’t hear

Cause you are deaf.


The Fireflies

Shine like sta, r,

But you can’t see

Cause you are blind,

Even you won’t see the fire

On their eyes.


Fireflies, just trying to say

They see much wars.

Now theyy gather,

Gather from Hiroshima

Gather from an ancient empire,

They come from civil war

Come from a war you fought

For taking a nation down,

For fredom; that never found.


They make a grave of fireflies

They gather just to say,

“They want peace, not a war

They see so much massacre.

And they are tried;

They want peace.”


Just stop, just stop

They say loud;

And every night it becomes louder,

And the teardrops;

The light of fireflies;

Become havier.They won’t want to see any war.


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