So many guilty faces,
But nobody is ready to confess.

The jail is full,
But the confession room is empty;
Judge know the rule but no sympathy.

They forget somebody has a story to tell,
Somebody is enough innocent to get the bell,
Though he is not an angel,
He has a story to tell.

A killer and the one who forced to kill are same,
Suicide is just a choice,
No one to blame.

We hate the criminal
Not the crime,
We blame others
When the mistake is ours.

We living in a society
Have no sympathy,
Make a man criminal
And then judge them.
We forget all are not the same;
Someone has a story to tell;
Someone just committed a crime,
Not at their own will.

We never forgive
We never forget,
Until money did
Until power did,
Innocent become criminal
Criminal become innocent.

Just to have money
Just to have power,
Cause no one is here
Want to hear your story;
No one has any sympathy.


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