The Physics Dairy

-14 June 2017


Maria Maracas, my name. A twenty three years old guy who once upon a time worked as a make-up artist and a hobbyist dancer. Now, people called me Physic, I called myself ‘Devils of Dawn.’ Everything about me is now a lie, I say lie with the whole world except my note book.

Things are not like now before, once I used to tell the truth. But as I started know the world, things also started to change. An angel becomes an evil. From the very beginning of my life I used to see oppression on women. They are raped, and people hate them, not the rapper. Women are called slut, why man aren’t? Now this things doesn’t matter to me anymore? Rip the law, I have my own law.

Maybe you are thinking why I am changed? The answer is the world forced me to change myself. The world is so rude, so hard to live as delicate.

Now I am not Maria, I am Isabella. Not a dancer nor a make-up artist. I am a business women, not the real one. As I said before my whole life now become a lie. New name, new ID and a new prey.

You know I like James so much. He is a cute, handsome boy. Smart and loveable. Though his character was not like his face, who cares. Now a days character is not a big factor, the big factor is money, status, power and an innocent face. Leave it, that’s not what I want to tell you. I am in a relation with him about six month, he think so. But I know meet him four years ago, not as Isabella, as Maria. The meeting was not as sweet as I meet his as Isabella, leave it. Now he love me so much. His twenty seventh birthday is near. I asked what he would like to get as a gift in this occasion. A kiss, all he wanted. I replied in affirmative. A final kiss with a long drive, I said.

The day is come, the day he was born to fall love with me. We go to a long drive with my cars. We reached near a shaft. The view is awesome, we are approximately 1000 thousand feet up from the sea level. And from there I can see the sea, the sea where I will end my life of lie. He asked for his kiss. I told him to sit inside of the car, I will drive. Kiss, he said again after sitting inside.

I take the car 300 feet back from the corner and started toward the shaft. Stop, he said. I said once I also said to stop, you won’t nor your two friends. Stop Isabella, I love you. And you love me. Isabella is no more, I am not the one who you love. I am Maria whom you rapped and she wants revenge. I jumped out of the car, and the car goes down. Before reaching the sea, the bomb blow the car.

Happy meeting with your friends, I shouted. I know police will search me. Oho, not me, they will search for Isabella, I am Maria.


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