Negative or Positive what to think first.

Most of the people say that think positive. And almost every  thinks that by only thinking positive can make their career better but I don’t think so.

Thinking positive can help you to get a good job because everyone thinks that positive thinker is better than the others. But the reality is by only thinking positive can’t make your success. If you  forget the negative side of any things, you can’t know how worse the result can be.  you don’t know the bad side of your work if the bad result comes out you then can’t handle the situation. It is necessary to think negative so that we can defend the negative thing.

At the end, I want to say, ” It doesn’t matter what you think first positive or negative but thinks both.”

2 thoughts on “Negative or Positive what to think first.

  1. I agree with you! I too always considered only thinking positively but what you’ve said is true. Thinking in the negative manner can give us a better view of a situation. Both are essential. But the approach should have a positive intent, isn’t it?

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