I am an introvert
I love silence,
I love to live alone, often
If I open myself to you
To me you are special,
You are one of the few,
But I am not shy
Nor antisocial.

I try,
To talk with everyone, then
I can’t stand small conversation
But I can talk about life in a session
Actually, I am listening
I am observing.

I would rather be abode
With a close friend or few,
Rather than among a crowd of acquaintance,
Don’t scold me in public
Don’t embarrass me in public,
Don’t treat me as new.

Respect, I am reserved.
I am introvert.


9 thoughts on “Introvert

  1. Hm….introversion means a big number of complexes inside that is easily cured with the change of mind & developing of more positive attitude to life. It’s so easy to say ‘ I’m an introvert & life is difficult & all is horrible’…but it only displays your unwill or disability to be responsible for your own life! Life is a gift given by God. Does it deserve to be wasted in a fake ‘introvert’ cocoon? Ponder on that.

    Best regards,

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