They said that you are bad,
And you started to think so
That you really are.
Oh! Dear
How much they know
Maybe 5 or 10 years,
But you know you
From the time you born,
So how they can know you
Better than you do.
They are just only a moron
And started to saying that you are a demon.
(If you are a demon the how they are still alive)Stop listing
Do not try to be what others want to,
Stop thinking
What others think about you.Look into the mirror
Look into the mirror,
What you see,
A face smiling and saying
You can be,
What you want to be.

Look into the mirror
You can see,
The most beautiful face
And a future legend.
Stop hearing others
Listing to your heart.

They say play safe.
If you play safe
Then how you are standing on your feet.
So, let them say
But for their word never waste your day.

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