The empty feeling
Again and again devouring, me
They come from hill
They come from sea and tree,
They come like,
That they are the only free
They come and comes till,
My brain start to crash
My heart is full of emptiness .

The same empty feeling,
It’s felt like, raining all day long
And a night full of dark
A lonely star is shining alone,
Like there is nobody, nothing
No love, nor a tear drop
Even there is no hate,
It feels like a storm comes
And makes it hell from heavens.

There are so many reasons to cry,
But there is not a single tear drop
On my eye,
Living in an ocean
But not a drop of water to drink,
Not a hope
Hope to live
But I can’t die
How many time I try,
Something that keeping me alive
Something I do not see
Something that will someday
Fill the empty me
Fill me with loves.

Every where there is noise
But I am dying in silence,
Who knows with whom
The emptiness create it’s alliance,
Maybe it is my doom.


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