Conversation: Who gone die first

My younger brother and I often talk about a  various subject. One day He and I were talking about who want to die first. The conversation between he and me is something wearied, something deep.
Me: Do you want to die before any other family member death or you ant to die after all of the family  member death.
My younger brother: What your wish, brother?
M: Mine is simple. I want to die first because I can not bear the pain of seeing one of my family members die.
B: Really!
M: Yes, what is your choice?
B: Me, I want to die last. Means I want to die after all of my family member death.
M: Thinking that how selfish he is, I ask why?
B:   Do you love me?
M: Yes, As I love myself?
B: All of my family members love me.
M: Yes. So, what?
B: So, if I was gone die all of you get hurt.  Allah said that after death we can see what others doing near our dead body. I can not see the scene that all of my family members are crying for me. I can hurt you all. That is why I want to die last. I will take all the pain but I can not give it to you.
M: Just thinking once again that how selfish I am. And this is the first time he won against me.

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