What’s the most important lesson about life?

I don’t know is this lesson is most important or not but I know we should follow those lesson.

  • Life is like what you can’t imagine. Every day you think that should be happening but it will not. Every day you have to face a various problem. When you are in problem don’t blame someone, try to get out from the problem and thank Almighty saying that it could be worse.
  • Life is short so enjoy every moment, bad or good. Happiness lie on you, happiness is not things that you can achieve it is a choice. If you choose it, you will be happy forever no matter how bad things started to happen in your life.
  • Believe. Because if you want to live you have to believe someone but remember to believe once. Those who can break your believe once they can do it again.
  • Do the work you love, not love the work you do.
  • We can not live without money but remember money is not everything besides this there is another factor called time. Use it properly, for money don does not forget to pass time with your family.



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