8 secret of life to be happy.


Hers’s 8 words you can call secret word what I think can make` one happy.
| Money | Choice | Thoughts | Family | Smile | Tear | Purpose | Forget |
I finished the list. Though you don’t want any description I will give you so you don’t get the wrong meaning.
Money: I know that makes you amazed because there is a well said that money can’t buy happiness. But this is not true always because without money you can’t but things what makes you happy.
Choice: To be happy you have to choose the right things and the right person. Even you have to choose to be happy because until you do not choose to be happy anything can not make you happy.
Thoughts: Like choice thoughts also play a vital role to be happy. The more you think the less you can enjoy and the less you be happy. Don’t forget to think when needed.
Family: I think you can understand how it makes you happy, just include one thing that some friend often becomes family.
Smile: Yes, it has the power to make you happy when you can’t be. You need not to always smile by yourself, often a smile with love from others also makes you happy. And I think love is a smile.
Tear: You are surprised how tear can make you happy. Yes, it can. Because the only tear has the power to take you sadness, wash the bad.
Purpose: To be happy in life you need a purpose for what you live and that will generate hope.
Forget: No, I didn’t make any spelling mistake. It is forgotten, not forgive. You need to know how to forget the bad memories, bad person.

Be happy.


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