13 Years: A Journey

We are going to our village, my mother’s village. 13 years ago we last went there in an occasion, marriage ceremony of my grandmother’s younger brother. Then I was a 5 years old boy, now I am 18. I and my mother never think that we are going to village again. It is fortune what take us to village after a long time though we never wish to go. In this journey I and my mother wasn’t alone, my mother’s parents are also with us.

A phone call what change our decision about visiting village. It’s about 9:45 am, 5th October, 2016 we are at our home. I, my brother, mother and father are preparing to go our work places. The phone started ringing. Mother pick up the phone and a few second letter she started crying. “What happened, mother?” I asked. She replied that her grandmother (mother’s mother) was no more. We all preparing ourselves to go to my grandmother’s house except my father, from there my mother pick up my grandmother and grandfather and go to their village. It is not include in the plan that I am also going. But somehow I also go with them.

We must reach the village before sunset, if we want to see my great grandmother last time. To reach there we must cross a river and 5 hours more in road. We reserved a car and the car take us to the terminal in only two and a half hour. We cross the river using a speedboat in half hour. We reached the village but we are at the distance of one hour from village home. We reached in time and able to see her last time.

All of these thing can’t touch my heart at all. The heart touching thing happened next day, we visited my grandfather’s village what is 7 mile far from grandmother’s village. After 1 hour journey we reached. The sky welcomed us with her tear. We stay there about 3 hour. Take lunch in a relative’s house before us walking through the village and visited all of relative house.

At this time an old lady came to my grandfather. Suddenly she started crying. I don’t know what the relation between them is but it touch my heart.

There is one more thing what give me a feel what can’t described in word. When we all standing behind my grandfather home, a head bow down in front of us. I think she wants to tell us how she keep this house safe but for fate she can’t talk even she can’t walk. She try to say that though you don’t take care of me, I take care of your house. Why you don’t came to see me all these years. I am waiting or all these year. Ok, at last you came now make me free, I am now 18, please let me go. I can’t take this duty anymore, here your home take it and make me free. No, she doesn’t says these word, it is all my imagination. She isn’t a human, she is a tree.

We returned my grandmother’s village. In 5th day here is a ceremony for praying peace for great grandmother’s soul. 13 years back I saw the same thing from the window that chef were cocking food but the different is that than we are smiling and now crying.

Beside all of this only one picture hovering in my mind that is the scene of bowing down head of the tree.

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