The Migration

Somewhere in Bangladesh, Saritpur is a village. There lived a family, Head of the family is Abdullah, Naima is his wife. They have Five children, one died at the age of 6 months in Dunstan Kar( a diseases). Moni is their elder daughter after Moni Rahima was born.


is 3rd and Rafi is the 4th son. Their economical statement isn’t so good. In the rotation of time Moni became 18, at this age, she married 40 years old man, it is a family marriage. Moni’s husband Nafis lived in Dhaka. After two years Moni gives birth a son, Moni and his husband Nafis named their son Amin. Few days after the birth of Amin, Moni’s father Abdullah go to America for earning money.

Moni didn’t get happiness in his husband house so most of the time she lived in a village, in her father’s house.

Moni’s young ar sister Rahima loved his uncle Ramiz. Ramiz age is 2x or 3x more than Rahima. No one knows about their love. Day by day the love became more and deeper. The relationship goes mid to body. One day the villagers and Rahim’s family came to know the matter. The villagers started to tease Rahima’s family. Rahman’s elder sister is wise, she came to Dhaka with their family.

Now they are permanently live in Dhaka. Moni gives birth her second child. Rahima again falls in love with a boy Jamil and get married after 3 or 4 years of love. Abdullah came to Bangladesh in Rahima’s marriage and then go to the USA again.
But peace never comes again after the accident. The looks happy but they aren’t happy from inside…

[Picture were collected.

Draw by-



Alex Andreyev]


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