The dark lesson of my life .

I am a teenager, so my life is not so big. Though life showed me some dark lesson. Some dark lesson life shows me

  1. The one you believe most is the one going to make your life worst: Once I believed a person and tell him many secrets of my life, what I even don’t share with my family. But what he did in return just break my heart. For him, I have to go through much tough time. But I thanked him from my heart for the lesson.
  2. The more you be good the more people cheat you: I think everybody understands it and go through this kind of situation.
  3. You can forget your past but the past won’t forget you.
  4. Respect isn’t given by others you have to win it.
  5. When you forgive someone though you have enough power to take the revenge people think that you are weak.
  6. The person you mostly care about often is the person going to leave you alone.
    It better cares about the person who loves you than the person you love.

6 thoughts on “The dark lesson of my life .

  1. Dear Psizan,
    nevertheless, it’s necessary to keep on. One should have strong Faith, will as well as dignity and deeds fulls of dignity. That’s good that you have noticed these dark things, however one should follow the path of light to become somebody worthy.

    There is a good proverb for your situation: ‘Who knows what the good is? The one who does what the bad is’.

    Best regards,


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