Sing the Song

Let sing the song
Let love be spread
Make the journey long
People be treated
Peace be upon.

Let’s sing the song
Make the love long
Hate must die,
All we have to just
Try and try.

Let’s sing the song
Don’t treat people wrong,
Believe believe
All we have to do
Believe in that song,
All we have to do
Make the journey long.

Let’s love the haters
Let the peace be spread
Let’s live the life
Find someone who cares.

All we have to do
Not just survive
Make the journey long
Sing the song
Say it to together
Love is better
Then life.

Let the sun rise
Let the bird fly
Let it make a journey long
Let it make its life, own
Don’t cut it’s wing
Let it song te song.

Smile, smile louder
Let’s make the journey long, together
Let it be full with
Happiness, and full of song.

Forget to cry
Don’t be shy
Maybe it’s your last chance
So live the moment,
Start to hunt
Happiness and love.


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