Mask: Everything Behind


“Everywhere you looks,
Full of mask
Face remains behind,
Smile, empathy, sympathy
Everything isn’t from their mind.”

Mr. James woke up at 6:00 finishing morning walk and taking a birth now he finishing some of his tasks. 8:30 finishing the breakfast, he his now on the way to his office.
He is a senior lawyer of children and women warfare foundation, an NGO for developing women and children. Now his NGO fighting a case against Rick Randy, he his blamed for killing his wife.
James has to do a lot of work. He has to collect proof. He has to meet Jonathan Lepage sister of Ruby Lepage who was murdered. She his the only family member of Ruby. Ruby’s father died at the age of 6, even before born of Jonathan.

Jonathan gives him some really good information that can really help him to win the case.
Monday 10:30 am, James is arranging the proof in court. The judge entered and the war start, war against truth and false.
It’s Monday again. The 6th hearing of James case. James is sure today he will prove Randy’s guiltiness. The hearing is started after 1 hour it is a little break for all. At 3:00 pm the hearing start again.

Few minute after Randy wants to tell something.

He started to tell.
Yes, I am the killer. I just can’t take it. Everyone here wants to prove I am the bad one but no one wanted to know why I am the bad one. I can be good. I really loved her but she didn’t try to understand. She always misunderstood me. She thought that I am an affair with someone else but believe me I hadn’t. I only love her. Day by day her mistrust was increasing. One day I came from office at late night. She started to quarrel with me. Believe I didn’t want to hurt her. I just couldn’t take it and trust her and she got hurt on her head. I call the 911 but I couldn’t save her. She is no more, I don’t want to live anymore. I want to die Kill me, kill me, please kill me.
The case is finished. Jonathan meet with James last time for giving him thanks. James gift Jonathan a book which is written by him named ‘Rights of Women’. This is their probably last meet.
Besides all of these James has a family. He has a 2 years old boy. One night James reach home at late night. His wife Kerry was waiting for him in the dining. She asked James “Do you eat?” No, James replied. Kerry again asked,”Why ?” I already have my dinner. Why you come too late. Do I have to tell you everything? Yes, you have to tell, I am your wife. Another thrust, Kerry get hurt in the head, it’s bleeding. Maybe her hurt was broken and the blood comes from her heart. No one sees this event except James, Karl, her son and the Almighty Allah.

The reality is to this day not Kerry’s heart nor his head was broken. The thing broken is a mask, a mask that hides the dark, that makes bad people look good, a mask that gives a bad one to the power to say that I am good. The mask was broken. There is no place for hiding now. Everything was exposed because the mask was broken.


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