February 21

No, No, No,
Bengali is our mother-tongue
No, No, No,
You can take it from us, as you want
But we’ll fight,
For justice
For our rights,
For our language
That’s how they fought,
That’s how we get our language
That’s how we can now speak free,
That’s how born a tree
Named Bangladesh.

It’s 21 of February
A lesson was taught,
“We are not weak, we can fight for our right,
We can raise our voice
As many time as need, twice or thrice,
We can give blood as well as can take blood
To stop the wicked”

21 February 1952
Teach us
To respect all the language on earth,
All language has story
All are true,
We should do as they show
We should learn to respect as we grow.

Salute to those great souls
Who died for language
Who give us the freedom of speaking,
Salute to Salam, Jabber, Barkat and many unknown
Salute, they deserve it all.

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